Fapesc and its 25-year journey: memories, stories and perspectives of the Centers for Technology Innovation in the State of Santa Catarina | Cristiani Fontanela

A Fapesc e sua jornada de 25 anos: memórias, histórias e perspectivas dos Núcleos de Inovação Tecnológica do Estado de Santa Catarina

Ano da edição: 2023
Cristiani Fontanela, Tuana Paula Lavall e Andréa de Almeida Leite Marocco.
ISBN: 978-85-7897-344-5
Páginas: 226

It all started twenty-five years ago. When Fapesc emerged, the 2000s were nothing but an unclear future that
inspired fear with all of the turn of the millennium symbology. The state’s technology ecosystem was still
incipient, development notices for this purpose from specific agencies were non-existent, and innovation
was a common word only in academic circles. It was a long, winding road to get to where we are now.
We recovered every aspect regarding contributions that the ecosystem received from other departments,
such as the Acafe System, Sebrae, the Certi Foundation, Facisc, Fiesc and business organizations. And how
the ecosystem also went in the opposite direction, making a direct impact on the daily lives of universities,
institutes and public agencies, as well as on the industry of Santa Catarina. This book also shows how the
ecosystem made national and international connections, how we evolved with the passing years, and how
this led to the Pact for Innovation, to Intellectual Property assets and to the consolidation of the state of
Santa Catarina as a reference in STI.